Joyous War

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: The Joyous War

[Intro – Dr. Noel Woodroffe]

Thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus
And now we declare that it is done
It is done, it is done!
In the name of Jesus
And a new time births itself
Into the earth

[Verse 1]

We prepared for the battle
We engaged in the Joyous War
The Lord has shaken the heavens
There will be resistance no more

[Verse 2]

Now we go forth with singing
A new day has arrived
Our hands we raise to the heavens
To honor our great King on high

[Chorus 1]

Let there be a shout
We are fulfilling the will of the Lord
It’s Christ who leads us out
He is the Lord, He is our King
God has destroyed the resistance
Now no foe can stop us
We march as one
His will is done

[Verse 3]

Rejoice, you righteous and holy
Rejoice, we have won the fight
March on assured of all victory
Our commander is Jesus the Christ

[Chorus 2]

Break forth with joyous song
The Great War has been won
Your saints exalt your name
Now the whole earth is filled with Your praise
God has gone out before us
The Finish it draws us
We march as one
His will is done


We fought the fight and we won
Different flags, different lands, different tongues
But one God, one mind in His Son
One tribe, one heart, well done!
We hit the mark now it’s on to a new day
The Sanctuary shining bright like a sun ray
The whole world streaming in with no delay
No more resistance
We march on as we sing:

The Body of Christ, what a beautiful thing!
(His will is done)

His will is done!