Journey to Confluence

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: The Power of the Journey

[Verse 1]

Our hands are firm steady
Our bow has been well strung
We are prepared and ready
For that which must be done(repeat)

[Chorus 1]

Rejecting all earthly positions
And reaching for life from above
We started out on our journey
To a meeting place with our God

Raising a Singular Standard
Regarding our value as loss
Straining for Finalization
Making our way to the cross

[Verse 2]

We are within the journey
Perfecting our intent
To be the man among them
To stand and represent

[Chorus 2]

Stand until all of the holy
Come into the fullness of Christ
Stand until all of the darkness
Resolves itself into light

Committed to lifting an offering
That has never been lifted before
Precision in our execution
Of this task You have raised us up for


So by Your Spirit take us
And make of us one man
One arrow and one purpose
Within Your sovereign hand

[Chorus 3]

And swiftly, without deviation
Faithful and true to the course
We’ll journey to the destination
That has been defined at the source

The place of Representation
The place beyond our ascent
Where we will complete the transaction
On the Plain of Confluence