Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: The Thunder will Never Stop


It is Divine Intent that His people understand the architecture of their movement with God.

[Verse 1]

We give our lives to your purpose like Jan Hus
Speaking truth to the system ‘cause Luther lives in us
Clean hands and a pure heart, death to the flesh be
Disciplined and methodical like John Wesley
As we engage we perceive more like Seymour
This is the way, walk in it, no detours
We don’t run from the crisis
Run hard to the Christ in the crisis
That’s where our life is Deference to Your preference is what we choose
So we move when You say to move
We will run whatever the distance is
‘Cause we’re aligned with whatever your business is

This is the story of us. This is not the story of some people or historical. This is us, my aunty, my uncle, my DNA, my family line, what is inside of me, what is part of the structure of who I am. Your DNA delivers that pattern. Your spiritual DNA delivers the patterns of where we came from and what we are and as we go back and look at that it calibrates us to be more accurate with the great mission we have today, which is, “walk with Me to the end of time.”

[Verse 2]

Obedience to God is in our DNA
Humility, that’s in our DNA
Community, Maturity…
We fight and sacrifice, that’s in our DNA
Wisdom, that’s in our DNA
We’re of the Kingdom, that’s in our DNA
Righteousness, that’s in our DNA
It’s in our DNA, that’s in our DNA
Holiness, that’s in our DNA
Purity, that’s in our DNA
Sanctuary, that’s in our DNA
The Power of the Journey is in our DNA

You understand that it makes you a better person. You thinking about yourself this way you can’t lie, you can’t steal, you can’t be disruptive, you can’t abuse people. You get this, it just makes you holy; you want to pray; it cleans you up and makes you sacred when you understand this is who I am. That’s the design of your spiritual DNA. And nothing on the earth can distort you and tell you (that) you are nothing, you’re insignificant, you’ll accomplish nothing, God don’t care about you, when you know, this is who I am. And because we have the same journey in us, you and me are the same.