When the Dust Settles We Win

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: The Thunder will Never Stop


Raise up our church
Raise up our church
Cause the princes in the heavens to hear the sound of our rising
Cause that sound to come to them
As a sound that brings them fear
That breaks their ranks and shatters their plans
And puts them to flight as a man running in fear

[Verse 1]

We are mortals ready for combat
We never give up, we come back
Stronger than before, stay on track
We’re gonna go forward, no turn back

Walk in Final Maturity
We are the best community
The Whole Body of Christ, the Unity
The Whole body of Christ, in unity

Turning back is not an option
The Finish – the only outcome
We gonna give God more and then some
Because dark princes have come

But we guard the kingdom till King come like David
Swung sling, we defeat sin
When the dust settles, we win!

HOO HA! Warrior!
Well done! Euphoria!
We invaded the border
And restored the order of His intent
Greater commitment to Engagement
We are hell bent to represent
The blueprint that was heaven sent

He’s doing what He has never done before
So we are required to give Him more
To accomplish what He has in store
We’ve got to Pivot on the Core
He’s doing what we’ve never seen before
We can’t help but stand in awe
Can’t compromise what we stand for
Take your place, prepare for War!

[Doc Prayer]

Give us the lead Oh God, make us your crack troops, make us suffer first and fight first, send us at the front of the advance of God, position your Congress at the cutting edge of the Lord’s spear.


When the dust settles we win (x 4)

[Verse 2]

At the GDO, we hit the mark it’s done
We are aligned and have been made one
The beginning of a New Era has begun
We share our gifts with the broken ones
Grace, Faith, and Strength to stand
We tasted the grapes and we took the land
We knocking on the door to eternity
Together a Global family
Break away, emit a new frequency
New man, new life, new community
We rise and shine in the midst of the dark
No backing down, we have journeyed too far
Every man rising across the globe
Critical mass, advancing-building our homes
This is that which was to come
Maturity, Unity, His Will being done!


What’s amazing is that in the GDO, in a different kind of way, God made the Congress one. We have always been positionally One, conceptually One-God made the Congress into One single Body.


When the dust settles win win (x 4)

[Verse 3]

We crossed over, New Era, moved up to a higher place
We paused and took a breath (breath), to accelerate
Ready to give God all we got, continue on-in the mission
Mount up like wings of eagles, Run Hard-Finish the vision
We have fought for our marriages, fought for our families, fought for abundant life
We gave our all, offered our lives on behalf of the Body of Christ
Now we are more mature, we have been made One, Your saints are built for service
The Hebronite Dimension-Ready to advance Your purpose(s)
Tasted the grapes, and focused, going forward, storming across the borders
Taking back what’s stolen with force, restoring the family order
We bend our shoulders to hold the load of those lost and broken
Light in the darkness show forth the glory of who are source is
I place my stone next to family all across the globe
Knocking on the door-as we stay the course, groan-ing for home
Overcame, denied ourselves, live for Him-reign over sin
Stand in Representation-crying Lord, “Bring Them In”!


When the dust settles win win (x 8)


You all lift up your hands and say “yes it’s true”
That’s true, that’s true. May God heal us internally, continue to make us whole. May God continue to remove all the curse and the negativity of a lying system of darkness in the earth and put within us the truth of the Spirit of God. Make us honorable and holy and noble and courageous and worthwhile and get us ready to go home to our Father’s house… to our Father’s house. To go home to our Father’s house. Amen, amen, amen.


When the dust settles win win (x 4)