Send Us Prayer

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: We Worship You

You are my Sabbath. You are my rest. You are the end of my journey. So give us Your energy and give us Your strength. And all we ask at this point is that You send us. Send us. Send us
It is not the day of rest. Send us. It is the season of momentum. Send us God. All we ask is that You send us. We ask not for rest, for rest will come when You arrive. All we cry is that You send us to do Your will. Send us

Send us forth. Send us forth in a new way. Send us forth as one company. Send us forth equalized. Send us forth prepared for the future. Send us forth with light and understanding, knowledge and strength. Send us forth with accuracy. Send us forth with holiness and consecration; sanctity inside of our hearts

Send us forth with no sin; no deviation. Send us forth pure and holy. Oh send us. Send us forth. Dispatch us with your great strength into the future

Prepare the heart of every man and woman in this place. Armour our hearts with peace. Send us forth with joy. Let the work be fulfilling; satisfying. Let the great labour produce contentment inside of our hearts and a longing for more of You. These are our petitions. These are the cries of our hearts. These are the important things we lift up unto You

Listen to the sound of our prayers. Hear the cries of Your people

We pray according to Your will; after the patterns of our Master

Thank You God. Thank You God. Thank You Lord. Thank You Jesus