When the Dust Settles We Win

Artist:   Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: When the Dust Settles We Win


Raise up our church
Raise up our church
Cause the princes in the heavens to hear the sound of our rising
Cause that sound to come to them
As a sound that brings them fear
That breaks their ranks and shatters their plans
And puts them to flight as a man running in fear

[Verse 1]

We are mortals ready for combat
We never give up, we come back
Stronger than before, stay on track
We’re gonna go forward, no turn back

Walk in Final Maturity
We are the best community
The Whole Body of Christ, the Unity
The Whole body of Christ, in unity

Turning back is not an option
The Finish – the only outcome
We gonna give God more and then some
Because dark princes have come

But we guard the kingdom till King come like David
Swung sling, we defeat sin
When the dust settles, we win!

HOO HA! Warrior!
Well done! Euphoria!
We invaded the border
And restored the order of His intent
Greater commitment to Engagement
We are hell bent to represent
The blueprint that was heaven sent

He’s doing what He’s never done before
So we are required to give Him more
To accomplish what He has in store
We got to Pivot on the Core
He’s doing what we’ve never seen before
We can’t help but stand in awe
Can’t compromise what we stand for
Take your place!
Prepare for War!


Take us
Give us the lead O God
Make us Your crack troops
Make us suffer first and fight first
Send us on the front of the advance of God
Position Your Congress as the cutting edge
Of the Lord’s spear


When the dust settles we win (x 4)

[Verse 2]

I will please God like Elijah
We put Him at the centre
We build His church like Noah
Take the land – Caleb and Joshua

Look at me, I am Hebron
With the strength of Samson
But the wisdom of Solomon
An enduring spirit for the marathon

The Promised Land is take-able
My spirit, Unbreakable
My core, Unshakable
My conviction, Unmistakable

This is a war, we must fight!
Overcome darkness with our light
Open our eyes and claim our sight
Stop the serpent before the bite

We pound our shields
We stomp the ground
We will not be captured
None held bound
We bind the enemy, take him down
Princes of the earth, break their crown

This is the sound of a warrior
This is the is the sound of a finisher
This is the sound of leader
This is a man of character

The sound of the drums pounding
The sound of the feet marching
The life inside me sparking
The entire army chanting

The Finish is our destiny
Our eyes fixed on Eternity
Together as a family
We are like David’s army


When the dust settles we win x 8


O God
We are Your servants
We are Your people
You brought us to this place
And in this place we rejoice
In Your wisdom and in Your accuracy
And in Your power and in Your strength

With my brother, with my sister
With our hearts knitted together
Joined so securely
That it becomes Your mighty shield
Against the shots and the arrows of the enemy