We See You

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Write On Me

[Verse 1]

We open our hearts and we now see
The ultimate shapes of Your glory
An unseen sight of reality now formed
We’ve come to this place
Our hearts are prepared
Come with a sacrifice we share
You’ve called us up to join You
Here we are

[Chorus 1]

Lord we see
Life in abundance
Lord we see
Love that surrounds us
Lord we see
No more resistance
We see You

[Verse 2]

You fill us with purpose and destiny
Our course is now set to eternity
A people marching together now as one
One heart and one mind, one language we share
Under Your command, we know no fear
We answer Your call to go anywhere You are

[Chorus 2]

Lord we see
Your armies around us
Lord we see
One people, one purpose
Lord we see
The Finish in focus
We see You