No One Like You

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: You Have Brought Us Here


The heavens declare the glory of God
Great are the works of Your hands
Day by day their majestic display
Is more than we can understand
The infinite sky says You’re higher than high
And beyond forever
You measure the deep across the vastness You reach
And hold it all together


Alpha Omega, Mighty God
There is none like You
Glory and splendor
And majesty
We ascribe unto
The One before whose sovereign will
The heavens bow and the earth stands still
There is no one, there is no one like You

None higher (higher)
None greater (greater)
None stronger (stronger)
None wiser (wiser)
None holy (holy)
None worthy (worthy)
None righteous (righteous)
There is none just (none just)
There is no one, no one else like You
There is no one, no one else like You